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Marathon Trends Advisory

Marathon Trends Advisory Private Limited is a SEBI-approved portfolio management services (PMS) led by Atul Suri, who has over 30 years of experience in the Indian equity markets.

Our lead PMS product, MEGA TRENDS, has been developed as a result of over three decades of experience in investing in India's Equity markets. We deliver a solution which is a unique combination of long-term trends followed by an overlay of fundamental analysis, to give an investor superior returns with better risk management.

Indian markets have thrown up many trends. We have experienced Indian equity markets since 1990, starting with the Harshad Mehta Bull Market (1990 – 1992), IT Bull Market (1998-2000), Infrastructure Bull Market (2003 – 2008), and Private Banks and Financials (2015-2020). Every bull market throws up a theme and leadership in sectors and stocks. Investors have made substantial returns in these bull markets by participating in the trending stocks of that bull market. This is how successful investors create out-performance.

In addition to these 4 big bull runs, the market has had many other minor bulls runs, each driven by a theme, sector and key stock. At Marathon Trends we capture such themes, sectors, and stocks and participate with strong risk management capabilities. This helps give our investors superior risk-adjusted returns.

Having worked and interacted closely with some of the most successful wealth creators in the Indian equity markets, we observed that the key to wealth creation is not whether you use fundamental or quantitative data. Instead, success comes to those who identify the Mega Trends and follow their process, adhering to the principles of good risk management, which are relevant across time and market cycles.

The common principle that guides most successful wealth creators is “ride your winners, cut your losers”

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Investing based on trends allows you to profit regardless of market conditions. It also removes the emotional element. Since we rely on data to decide when to buy and sell, your emotional reactions may have little impact.

We also maintain defined exit protocols so that your risk can be strictly controlled. This investing strategy allows you to capitalize on mass movements and investor psychology.

FIND a Trend using a combination of Fundamental and Quantitative Analysis.

RIDE a Trend patiently, by avoiding short term noise and distractions

EXIT a Trend with Discipline ( it’s when you sell that counts)

Companies, industries, and sectors move through continuous cycles of birth, growth, maturity and decline, and corporate birth mortality rates are high. A trend investing approach, therefore, does not aim for the very early stages of these cycles, but rather targets the growth and maturity phases. The growth phase is where profitable investments are often made, and then they are harvested in the maturity phase. It is all about identifying those companies that have the potential to benefit from multi-year developments and that have the proven winning characteristics of a quality company.

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